Should I sell my Nashville House Fast to an investor or use an agent to sell?

Should I Sell My Nashville House Fast ? -


Should I sell my Nashville house fast to a cash buyer or use an agent? That’s a question that many Nashville TN seller’s wrestle with. The answer depends on your current situation; are you a homeowner who needs to sell your nashville house fast , or are you a seller who can take their time and go through the longer process of listing their home with an agent? Are you a homeowner who needs to get top dollar and every penny out of their house or is selling your nashville house fast more important? In other words…what is more important: time or money?

Another factor that should play into your decision of whether you should sell my nashville house fast is how much money are you willing to put into your house before your sell? Do you have cash set aside to make repairs if a buyer’s inspection comes back with some issues? Most traditional buyers are going to want any major defects repaired before they move into a house, to ensure that the house is safe. Are you in a position to do this or would it be better to sell your nashville house fast without having to do repairs?

Should I sell my nashville house fast to an investor or use an agent to sell?

What about timing? Do you need flexibility on your closing date and moving out or are you okay with letting a traditional buyer dictate that?  A traditional buyer’s timeline will often depend on their financing, the contingency period, appraisals, and underwriting guidelines. Needless to say, there is not a lot of flexibility.

When deciding if I should sell my nashville house fast, you’ll want to think about whether you’re going to through a special circumstance that may make it difficult to work with an agent. That could be being behind on mortgage payments or facing a foreclosure notice, it could be going through a divorce or separation, inheriting a house from a family member, a landlord who is tired of renting to tenants, or just simply a house that needs to be updated or repaired. Any one of these circumstances can make it difficult for an agent to get a house sold, not to mention they may not have the expertise to navigate the process.

If you’re thinking to yourself ” I want to sell my nashville house fast “,  sit down with your loved ones, roomates, partners, or whoever is a decision maker and have a heart to heart discussion about the pro’s and con’s of each of these. If you need someone to discuss these issues with, we’re happy to get on the phone or stop by to discuss. We’re the first one’s to tell you that to sell your nashville house fast is not always the best solution for every homeowner. There are other options and everyone’s situation is different.

Feel free to send us a text, email, or message us on facebook to privately and confidentially discuss your situation. We take your privacy very seriously & we would love to help. We’ve helped over 100 homeowners who needed to sell my nashville house fast and we’re here if you need us.

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