Is it better to work with a large iBuyer or a Nashville Local, Professional Investor Buyer?

Is it better to work with a large iBuyer or a Nashville local, Professional investor buyer?

So, you’re considering selling to a large iBuyer like Mark Spain, Open Door, or Zillow. Have you considered all the positives and negatives? iBuyers work on a large scale basis, run a lot of radio ads and have plenty of billboards, but what is it like actually working with them? We talk with sellers every day & We’ve heard a lot of feedback that questions and concerns often go unanswered because the company quote “doesn’t care” & communication can be lacking. On the flip side, local Professional buyers like Buying Houses Nashville take the time to listen because our focus is on people, not just the numbers & dollars. Here are a couple reasons why you may want to consider working with a local, professional home buyer in Nashville versus A large iBuyer.


iBuyers aren’t local, so they’re not as familiar with Nashville. iBuyers have a method of getting their foot in the door with a strong initial offer, and then reducing that number after inspections. They also charge a lot of high fees (often higher than a realtor) and many of those fees are well hidden in the paperwork, such as paying closing costs and high commissions. This is money that they’re directly taking out of your pocket.

Professional buyers like Buying Houses Nashville offer fair prices, and take the time to fully explain our process. Buying Houses Nashville don’t charge sellers other costs to sell your home. The offer you get when you sign the sales agreement will be the actual amount you’ll receive at closing.


iBuyers also may add a contingency making the seller responsible for any repairs they deem necessary. Often iBuyers require sellers to accept the offer and then they will reveal any repairs that are needed or price drops that they’re asking for. They usually do this several days before closing when you’ve already moved out your furniture and perhaps rented or bought a new place to live. iBuyers devised this way of doing business so that when you’re a couple days from closing, its usually too late for you to change your mind or change your plans and you’ll just have to accept the price reduction or pay for the repairs needed.

On the flip side, Professional buyers like Buying Houses Nashville will purchase the house as-is. With our experience over the last 10 years, we understand all the risks involved in buying a home as is and we also understand the relief this can offer to an already strained homeowner.

Most sellers tell us that they’re glad they took the time to understand the huge difference between large iBuyers and professional local buyers like Buying Houses Nashville.

Our goal at Buying Houses Nashville is to give you the smoothest sale of your home that you could possibly hope for. Find out for yourself why we’re nashville’s number one homebuyer by sending us a message or calling Buying Houses Nashville at (615) 905-0039 today!

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