33 Surprising Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your House

33 Surprising Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your House Posted from BestLifeOnline.com… Your home will probably be the most expensive purchase you ever make. Even after spending an average of $379,600 on a home in the United States, buyerscan’t always be assured that their dream house is as structurally sound as it initially seems. Countless homeowners find themselves saddled … Continued

What to do When Life Gives You Lemons

Every business has their fair share of lemons & the nature of our business is often turning houses that are lemons into lemonade.  See what we had to say in this article posted on UpJourney.com: What to do when life gives you lemons.   When Life Gives You Lemons.. Should You Make Lemonade? When most … Continued

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How to Avoid Foreclosure in Nashville TN – Video

Hey friends. It’s Corey with Buying Houses in Nashville. So, I just got off the phone with a seller, and we were talking about foreclosure. It’s a scary word. This seller and I had set up an appointment next week to start the process of getting their property sold BEFORE the foreclosure. They got a … Continued