How Landlords in Nashville Can Appeal to Tenants During COVID-19

Tenants are beginning to receive stimulus payments and some are using it to move. You may be receiving multiple applications for your available rental property, but once you locate a great tenant, you may be competing with other landlords to have this tenant. Here are some ways you can appeal to tenants in Nashville during … Continued

Tips for Selling Your Nashville House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The real estate market is experiencing low mortgage interest rates right now which has triggered real estate buyers to jump on new opportunities! If you are ready to sell your house, don’t let the virus stop you! Buyers are buying! Here are some tips for selling your Nashville house during the coronavirus pandemic. Sell Directly … Continued

sell old house that needs work

Sell Your Nashville House

Sell Your Nashville House. How Do You Sell Your Nashville House That Needs Work? Ever since I can remember, I’ve heard sellers telling me “I can’t sell my house because its needs work” or an agent told me I have to fix up my house before they can sell it. Well, that may be true. … Continued

How We Buy Houses in Nashville

How to Sell Your Nashville House As-Is

615-905-0039. How to Sell Your Nashville House As-Is. with the bottom falling out of the real estate market from the corona virus, how do you sell your nashville house now that buyers are basically stuck inside their homes? Real estate agents are limited in what they can do and traditional buyers are not sure they … Continued

How to Review Seller’s Market Offers in Nashville (And Around the Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson, & Maury counties Zip Code)

Seller’s markets come and go. If you’re selling your house in Nashville or around the Davidson, Williamson, Rutherford, Sumner, Wilson, & Maury counties zipcode during a seller’s market, then you might get multiple offers. Here’s how to review seller’s market offers in Nashville… A seller’s market is when there are more buyers and fewer properties. … Continued